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*[[Cmoski Progress|Cmoski's Progress]]
*[[Cmoski Progress|Cmoski's Progress]]
*[ Grabberslasher's Guide to Mac OS X Intel, with combined information from Cmoski and Daisuke]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Most likely, the answer can be found here.


A user-maintained list of guides to install OSx86 on your machine.
Software compiled as a Universal Binary.


Your source for understanding the basics of what the TPM is and how it works.
A complete list of all functions that the TPM driver provides.

More Information




A list of functions calls from the Rosetta daemon executable.

The Developer Transition Kits

Pictures of the Dev Kits

  • Slashdot (Same pitures as in Strengholt-online)


Darwin and the "Mactel" Leak

Here you can find links to some of our earliest work.
  • discorocker's fantastic chmod/chown fixup script is here
  • Daisuke's Progress...with pictures and complete instructions for compiling Darwin. (Site Not Found / Not Available.)

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