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Got a question?

There have been anonymous users editing the wiki and asking questions. A wiki is sussposed to be a big user friendly database of information, not questions. Please use the forums (, registration is free and doesn't take much time. If you get your problem fixed, please modify the wiki or add to it (please search first) and tell the community how you did it!


Public guides that anyone can change if they know something is incorrect. For hardware and software.
Software compiled as a Universal Binary (They run on PPC and Intel systems)


A preliminary page detailing the function and role of EFI in Mac OS X 10.4.4.


Your source for understanding the basics of what the TPM is and how it works.
A complete list of all functions that the TPM driver provides.

More Information




A list of functions calls from the Rosetta daemon executable.

The Developer Transition Kits

Pictures of the Dev Kits

  • Slashdot (Same pitures as in Strengholt-online)


Darwin and the "Macintel" Leak

Here you can find links to some of our earliest work.
  • discorocker's fantastic chmod/chown fixup script is here
  • Daisuke's Progress...with pictures and complete instructions for compiling Darwin. (Site Not Found / Not Available.)

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