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  • 1 Make a copy of Mac OS X Install DVD(etc.Retail DVD) DMG file after Leopard mount it.Suppose we put the copy on our desktop.
  • 2 Unmount the DMG
  • 3 open Terminal,modify OSInstall.mpkg
    • goto the directory that contains OSInstall.mpkg
sudo -s
cd "Desktop/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/"
    • make a temp place, unpack OSInsall.mpkg
mkdir temp
cp OSInstall.mpkg temp
cd  temp 
xar -xf OSInstall.mpkg
    • modify neccessary text in the txt file Distribution,I'm using vi editor.
vi Distribution

find the string like this


change 'true' to 'false'

    • pack file back
rm OSInstall.mpkg
xar -cf OSInstall.mpkg *
    • put OSInstall.mpkg back
mv OSInstall.mpkg ../
    • delete temp file
rm -r temp
  • Now you can run OSInstall.mpkg to install Mac OS X to your MBR harddisk. . . .
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