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== Hardware ==  
== Hardware ==  
*Confused about [[EFI]]? Read all about it on our new [[EFI]] page.
*Confused about [[EFI]]? Read all about it on our new [[EFI]] page.
*Need drivers? Get help with the [[3rdPartyDrivers|3rd Party Drivers List]].
*10.4.5 Hardware Compatibility Lists: [[HCL_10.4.5|Components]], [[HCL_10.4.5/Portables|Portable computers]], [[HCL_10.4.5/Desktops|Desktop computers]] '''New!'''
*10.4.5 Hardware Compatibility Lists: [[HCL_10.4.5|Components]], [[HCL_10.4.5/Portables|Portable computers]], [[HCL_10.4.5/Desktops|Desktop computers]] '''New!'''

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  • Confused about EFI? Read all about it on our new EFI page.
  • Visit our TPM Resource Center for everything you've ever wanted to know about the Trusted Platform Module.

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  • Having a problem with your audio card? Is your USB printer broken? How about PowerPC apps? Our Tips And Tricks page covers these problems and much more..
  • If your OSx86 installation is running slowly, please check out our SpeedBoost section.
  • Finally, SSE2 patches will help you get PPC apps working on older SSE2 machines.

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