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(How to run "Classic" Mac programs with Basilisk II)
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DVDs play with the universal binary version of VLC. Use the "Disc >VIDEO_TS folder" feature, and browse to the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD disc, or rip the contents to your hard drive and view it from there.
Want to run "Classic" Mac programs? You can, with the Mac OS X port of Basilisk II, a suitable Mac ROM (e.g., 1MB Quadra ROM),
and an HFS image of a bootable Mac volume.
The trick is to create a blank disk volume in Basilisk II, and then substitute a bootable volume with the same name.
(Basilisk's browse for a disk imaage" feature currently doesn't work.)
Substituting a bootable volume solves this problem -- and system 7.5.x is freely downloadable.
Basilisk runs System 8 nicely, too. (Set the system for 68040 for System 8; system 7 runs best with the 68030+FPU setting.)
And they said it couldn't be done!
== Can't upload ==
When was the Image Upload shut down and when will it be back up?
Every time I hit the upload link I get 'Sorry, uploading is disabled.'
I fixed it. [[User:Shuddertrix|Shuddertrix]] 13:17, 21 Aug 2005 (CDT)

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