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Please do not use this page to ask for help or information.
This wiki is meant as a source for OSx86 information. Any questions about OSx86 itself should be posted on the forum. All entries on this Talk page should be related to the formatting and/or editing of the article. Thanks for helping to clean up the wiki.
Please do not add your hardware specifications to this page. Use the main HCL article to enter any compatibility information.
All hardware entries should be properly formatted and alphabetized. Thanks for contributing!


 I think this list will go a lot easier if we all stick to the following rules.

1. If your system is a white box, simply title your section Custom AMD or Custom Intel. You should be putting the full breakdown of your hardware in your section of the wiki.

2. Be sure to include a full discription of your hardware.

3. If you are ONLY running osx86 in VMWare don't bother to post here. We all know by now the deadmoo VMWARE is about the best working image that's out there. This is dedicated to people who want to move beyond VMWare and get osx86 running native.

4. Please for the love of God, Budha, Ja or whomever else you pray to please put your entry in the correct spot alphabetically in the list.

5. If you have time, please help keep this page clean and tidy by fixing the mess others have left. I just got through alphabetizing the first half of this list, would be great if someone could finish.

Below is a great example of a wiki post.

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