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Yes, how do I create a vmdk file or open the program in the hyperlink?

From Dan’s Alternative Place "Mac OS X for PC":

"Install VMWare 5 and create a new (File > New > Virtual Machine) and select these options ( Custom > New > Other for both > Select ram size you want > Bridged Networking > Buslogic > New Virtual Disk > IDE > 4.0Gb and check Allocate Space Now and Finish Use a physical hard disk > Select which Disk you want to use (if you don’t know which is which, right click on My Computer, click Manage, click Disk Management and check there) also make sure you use the entire disk that’s why it must be a spare HD > select filename> Finish ). Now in the Devices section double click on CD-ROM (IDE 1:0) so you can edit it and check Use ISO Image and use the Darwin ISO file (make sure you rename it to .iso) then press ok."

"Now remember the HD Image you had before in PearPC, move that to where you have your VMWare 4.0Gb HD Image. Look for the file with name of the VMWare HD Image not the 4.0Gb one but the 1Kb one, I named mine Tiger and the file is called Tiger.vmdk. Now make a copy of this file and change its filename to anything not too long. Edit that file in notepad and change only ONE line that looks like RW 8388608 FLAT “Tiger-flat.vmdk” 0 change this to RW 6290928 FLAT “Tiger.img” 0 (if you did not use the 3gb Image from this site then instead of 6290928, use (size of hd image in bytes) divided by (512) Make sure that if yours is not called Tiger.img you put that in there. Then save that file and go back in VMWare."

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