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Please do not use this page to ask for help or information.
This wiki is meant as a source for OSx86 information. Any questions about OSx86 itself should be posted on the forum. All entries on this Talk page should be related to the formatting and/or editing of the article. Thanks for helping to clean up the wiki.


OSx86 does not condone piracy, and the members of OSx86 are NOT involved in any attempts to break the security at all. This is a news and discussion site, and all material is fully compliant with the DMCA. == Warez ==test You don't condone "warez" yet you are trying to break the security on Mac OS X to run it?? If Apple don't sell it to work on any x86 then you are creating warez!

-Maybe circumventing a crypto, but that is hardly warez. Warez is stolen software.

Both actions are equally illegal.

-Depends on which country you live in. For example, afaik, in Russia, if you own the program, you are legally allowed to do what ever you want to it. That means, supposing someone in russia owns the x86 Development kit, he is legally entitled to attempt to make it work on his non-apple hardware. Anyone else trying it is not the fault of this site ;) :P

Counter Point

In a similar vein, I break the law every time I watch a DVD on my Linux box, because in order to do so my player has to break the encryption. Legality and morality are not, and never will be, one hundred percent congruent.

We are NOT working to get around any kind of DRM/TPM protection. This site is fully compliant with the DMCA - we just host information. Read our FAQ and Disclaimer for more info - Mashugly


I think the screenshot on the main page is a fake.


Software that works on OSx86? I prettied it up, can we have it linked on the front page if it isn't already?

Aside from Firefox which has been compiled, the following packages in Darwinports will run on OSx86: FreeType GMP John the Ripper nism QEMU and vim

What other software is available or being actively ported to OSX-x86?

[stevenh] to the hosts of this wiki! Please add a new section on the front page listing all the Universal Binaries that exist so far?!? Here is a good place to start check it

Why not just do a source download of fink?

Add More Links

If you ask me, there is a slew of links that deserve their own "Beginning" or somesuch section on the front page. Tips and Tricks is really useful for newbies. The HCL, X86 software, SpeedBoost, the Archive, and several other wikipages are all either buried in the news or not here at all. Some of these pages aren't prettied, but the info is invaluable.

We don't want people to have to search to get decent info here. TUAW (unofficial apple weblog) already got an unfavorable impression. The wiki organization really needs to be easier to navigate around.

Just a few suggestions that I think might really make things easier and reduce questions for those of us on the forum. :)


I've reopened the front page for the time being - feel free to rearrange and add what you'd like! If we get hit with bots, though, we'll have to close it again.

Thanks! I've added some preliminary stuff in the meantime. -blahsucks

I added an article and make it look a bit more organized... -Viper_Viper

I'm a bit confused. I know OS X x86 was created for non-RISC processor mobo designs, but is it possible to use the NVIDIA drivers from OS X for use in OS X x86? -Ivan

Actually, the nVidia and ATI PPC cards are different from the normal ones.

News Update

I'm updating the news articles with the Intel interview and the Art Contest. This finally gives me an excuse to shift the Darwin links into Tips and Tweaks. :)


User Auth

Someone ought to restrict edit access. I just reverted the MainPage back from viagra ads put up by a random IP.

EDIT : OR you could just ban the prick. Look at the MainPage history.


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