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Very cool man, very cool. Just wondering if you might have any tips for throwing Solaris into the mix. Making it a quint boot, and maybe adding BSD also for a sext boot. Yeah I just wanna use the word sext, but it'd still be cool:)


If you're using OSX as your primary OS, you could use the Darwin boot loader, you would not have to install a boot loader. This way, you don't have to choose a boot partition every time, you only have to press F8 on the boot sequence when you choose another OS.

Missing section

Am I wrong in thinking that there is a missing section describing using Gparted to hide the Windows XP partition and set the Vista partition to Boot before installing Vista? Following the directions exactly gives me a hung boot on Vista when choosing the Windows2 grub option, and the XP boot uses the Vista bootloader with a choice for Legacy Windows (XP) and Vista (default) when using Windows1 option in Grub.

There's a reference to a problem like this in the Vista install section, something about the Vista Bootloader messing things up if you don't follow the precious section's advise exactly.

Vista problems

If followed to the letter, this guide results in a non-working vista installation.

How I fixed my Vista problems

After many painstaking hours of messing around with this, I finally got it to work. I won't go through all of my issues, but I want to address the Vista issues specifically. BTW - I did not use GParted for my partitioning, I used Nortons Partition Magic which is a little different and not quite as powerful or user friendly in my opinion, especially when it pertains to setting the flags on the different partitions. If I had to do it over, I would definitely use GParted. Anyway, back to the subject. After getting all of the OSes loaded, I had to add Vista to the Grub boot manager manually. Once that was completed, I tried to boot up Vista and got an error. So, I tried to use the Vista DVD to repair the problems to no avail initially. Seems Vista does not like you messing with the partition tables and flags at all post installation. I then changed the Active partition from OSX86 to Vista - loaded up the Vista DVD again and - viola, it was able to fix the Vista boot problems. At this point I was able to successfully load XP, Vista, and Linux with the Grub Boot Manager. I used a different flavor of Linux than the author (I used a version of Gentoo as apposed to Suse) so I couldn't use Yast. Therefore, I opted to add OSX86 to XP's boot.ini file - However when I initially tried to load OSX86, it loaded Vista instead. I then went back to Partition Magic and changed the Active partition from Vista to OSX86. I was now able to boot into OSX86. Checked Vista boot again and it worked like a charm. Now I am happy as a lark!!

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