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Osx86 Basics

How to install OSx86 with Chameleon 2

- general: rundown on installation methods, understanding basic funtions not step-by-step guide

- more in-depth ressources linked

Patched Kernel

- for reference: "old" methods

- list ready-to-go-distros

Chameleon 2

- modifications preloaded by bootloader - bootloader: chameleon

- advantage: "vanilla" os x install, can be easily updated - KISS, all patches etc in one place -» most up-to-date, feature-rich and actively developed solution

- based on EFI, bootloader "emulates" EFI - actual EFI setup not required with chameleon, can store files on osx or other partition

- real EFI partition managed by Chameleon: seperated from osx install, osx install can be wiped while keeping perosnal quirks in place - but: adds on complexity

- can also be done with chameleon files on osx partition (backing up chameleon files, reinstall, copy) . . . .

1. boot with chameleon 2. install from retail disc 3. install chameleon

Single OS

Pretty straight-forward, pick your choice (MBR/GPT) and partition ahead... Create Chameleon Boot-Cd, boot OSx retail DVD, Rule of thumb:

In case you might want to add another OS later, read ahead about Multiboot to save you some trouble. Limitation based on partition scheme used.



GPT, MBR or Hybrid?


Limitations: 4 primary partitions,


Not an option for Multibooting with Windows 7 and Vista on BIOS-based Motherboards, e.g. systems without EFI-implementation (will not boot/install/work). XP has no support for GPT. Does not have the limitation on number of partitions like MBR


Modifications and further info

- usb media instead of retail dvd -


Can Chameleon chainload grub from logical partition? Chainload Windows on logical? Chameleon on native EFI-System?

part1 windows

part2 chameleon

part3 osx


5 /boot

6 /home

7 / . . . . . . . .

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