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About this Guide

- general: rundown on installation options

- understanding basic functions not step-by-step guide

- more in-depth ressources linked

- other methods: patched kernels, ready-to-go distros

- not official chameleon documentation

- chameleon 2 is still unreleased, expect changes

- this guide follows rc4

Chameleon 2

- modifications preloaded by bootloader - bootloader: chameleon

- advantage: "vanilla" os x install, can be easily updated - KISS, all patches etc in one place -» most up-to-date, feature-rich and actively developed solution

- based on EFI, bootloader "emulates" EFI - actual EFI setup not required with chameleon, can store files on osx or other partition

- real EFI partition managed by Chameleon: seperated from osx install, osx install can be wiped while keeping perosnal quirks in place - but: adds on complexity

- can also be done with chameleon files on osx partition (backing up chameleon files, reinstall, copy) . . . .


Will use Chameleon as Bootloader, both to get retail install DVD up and running and for normal boots from hd


1. boot with chameleon bootdisk 2. install from retail disc 3. install chameleon boot loader to hd

before you start, prepare modifications and decide on partition layout

Where will Chameleon be installed?

Chameleon first stage always MBR (if you want it as primary bootloader, as this guide assumes). Second stage (partition boot block) and third stage (binary files) can go on OSx partition, EFI partition, or seperate partition. All on same device.

Custom modifications

kext, kernel, etc


You will do this later while installing OSx, but this needs some serious thought

Single OS

Pretty straight-forward, pick your choice (MBR/GPT) and partition ahead... Create Chameleon Boot-Cd, boot OSx retail DVD,

In case you might want to add another OS later, read ahead about Multiboot to save you some trouble. Limitation based on partition scheme used.


Chameleon can boot Win, Linux, ?? basic decisions: where are OS partitions, data partitions, where is chameleon installed

GPT, MBR or Hybrid?


Limitations: 4 primary partitions,


Not an option for Multibooting with Windows 7 and Vista on BIOS-based Motherboards, e.g. systems without EFI-implementation (will not boot/install/work). XP has no support for GPT. Does not have the limitation on number of partitions like MBR


Boot retail DVD

create bootdisk installation

Install Chameleon to HD

Maintaining Chameleon on EFI partition

      • Always unmount the EFI partition before rebooting, to stop this happening! umount /Volumes/EFI! ***

sudo -s mkdir /Volumes/EFI mount_hfs /dev/diskXs1 /Volumes/EFI

to install new kexts:

sudo -s cd path/to/kext cp -R Blah.kext /Volumes/EFI/Extensions cd /Volumes/EFI ./

Modifications and further info

- usb media instead of retail dvd -


Disadvantages Chameleon on OSx partition: updates?

What file format must Chameleon binaries be on? Status on fat32 support? Would you use it?


a) Chameleon can not be installed into EFI partition on a system with native EFI-Implementation, since it would destroy the boot mechanics b) Chameleon does not access extended volumes at all, so chainloading grub from a logical partition is not supported

part1 windows

part2 chameleon

part3 osx


5 /boot

6 /home

7 / . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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