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Install Method: OSX86 SnowLeo distro (OSX 10.6.2 for PC available on TPB). Do not select anything but default. Do not try Multibeast or ComboUpdate: will fail into a KP no matter what you do - so far you can't upgrade, yet! Install following kexts using Kext Wizard (not others) Audio: ALC269 - works fine - VooodooHDA Battery: works fine with Voodoo Battery kext DVD-RW: work fine Ethernet: Doesn't work Wireless: Same For Internet acces I use an USB Easy Tether Connection to SGS2 Keyboard & TrackPad: works USB: working (chameleon USBBusFix=Yes) Shut Down/ReBoot: works fine and quick Video: Suport maximal resolution 1366x768 without a kext. QE/CI nope PowerManagment - seems that sleep doesn't work

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